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Chisel Off-Road wheels are covered from limited Structural Defects in material for the original owner/purchaser for the period of five years by the Authorized Dealer from the date of purchase.  Limited One Year warranty on Finish.  All warranty claims must be directed through the Authorized Dealer. 

•    Any damage or defect caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or accident. Any damage or defect caused by off road use or by road hazard impact.
•    Wheels that have been repaired or modified.
•    Wheels installed with spacers or adapters.
•    Wheels installed with incorrect tire sizes or used with excessive vehicle loads.
•    Wheel corrosion or cosmetic flaws occurring after purchase due to chemicals, caustic cleaning agents, climate conditions or neglect.
•    Chrome pitting or discoloration due to lack of maintenance.
•    Blemishes, peeling or discoloration on the back side of the wheel.
•    Fading or discoloration of chrome or painted accent accessories caused by exposure to caustic elements.
•    Appearance blemishes or defects on wheels that have been mounted.
•    Wheels damaged by shipping or handling. Inspect shipments and contact the shipping company if any products are damaged. Shipping damage claims must be filed with the delivery carrier.

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CHISEL Wheel Care Instructions


  • Do not wash wheels when hot, allow the wheels to cool down before cleaning. Cleaning while hot could damage the finish of the wheels. 
  • It is important to keep your wheels clean, prolonged exposure to road film, contaminants, salts, de-icing chemicals and brake dust may cause damage to the wheels.  
  • Clean wheels with a mild soapy water, mild degreaser like Simple Green and water.  Clean using a soft brush or soft cleaning cloth or microfiber towel.  
  • Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners, especially acid based spray-on and rinse off chemical cleaners. This could damage the finish of your wheels immediately.  This is misuse and is not covered under warranty. 
  • It is recommended that you protect your wheels finish with a protectant like Chemical Guys WAC-303, Wheel Wax or Maguire’s Black Wax for black finishes.  Test in a small area of your wheel before coating the entire wheel, make sure you are happy with the results.  



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