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Chisel StreetLoxTM

Chisel Off-Road StreetLoxTM Wheels provide the appearance of Beadlock wheels, which are not street legal. True Beadlock wheels have a removable outer ring that grips the tire in place, even when the tire pressure is lowered for off-road use.  Beadlock wheels are used for extreme off-road applications such as Rock Crawling. They are also used on most drag racing rear wheels to prevent the tires from spinning inside the wheel rim. See all the Chisel Off-Road StreetLoxTM Wheels.

Chisel Off-Road refers to StreetLoxTM to describe the simulated Beadlock appearance for street legal use.  We are in the process of developing true Beadlock wheels in the future for Off-Road use.  If you wish to receive any further information on Beadlock wheels, please visit the Chisel Off-Road contact page and send an inquiry to us.

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